£10 Scratch Card Winner From Co Tyrone is Celebrating With £1Million

Scratch Card

richard joseph siy (flickr)

A mysterious Co Tyrone player has won £1 Million on a scratch card and they are trying not to draw attention to themselves by lying low.

The National lottery has said nobody has contacted them so they can’t confirm or deny the claim.

The staff members at the place where the ticket was purchased say they have no knowledge of any winning ticket being bought at their store. Northern Ireland seems to be a hot spot for lucky winners.

You can read more about the Co Tyrone winner here….

“£10 scratch card leads to £1m win on lottery – Belfast Telegraph
A spokeswoman for the National Lottery said nobody had approached its staff yet, and she couldn’t confirm or deny any win. Staff at the small convenience store where the winning scratch card was said to have been purchased refused to comment other than …”

£100 worth of scratch cards. Watch them scratch off each one.

I’m not so lucky with scratch cards! Whenever I win I always turn right around and spend my winnings a more scratch cards. Maybe, I’m just a sucker!

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