British players Win EuroMillions Lottery

EuroMillions Lottery won by Two British Players

The EuroMillions Lottery game last Tues day didn’t have a double rollover jackpot winner instead it had two winners of the second highest prize level. Surprisingly both of the winners were from Britain! It seems that British EuroMillions players are on a winning streak given that another British player won EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle jackpot worth £1,000,000.

The winning numbers on the day were 01, 10, 44, 45 and 48, and the two lucky start numbers were 01 and 04. Both the British winners matched all the main five numbers and one of the lucky stars and went on to win a second tier prize and pocketed £389,124 each.

EuroMillions Mania Hits The County Ground

EuroMillions Mania Hits The County Ground—Montage Communications (

There were five other winners of a third tier prize who matched all the main numbers and won £51,883 each. 33 other winners matched four main numbers and both lucky stars to win £3,930 each. 633 tickets won a fifth tier prize and another 1,122 tickets won a sixth tier prize of £179 and £101 each respectively.

Further reading on this story can be found here…Euromillions Results for Tuesday 22nd January 2013 World Lottery News
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