Couple Wins £1m in EuroMillions on the New Year’s Day

Scottish Couple Wins EuroMillions

A Scottish couple has won a EuroMillions jackpot worth £1m on the first day of the year 2013. Barry Little, 33, and wife Roberta, 32, from Dumfries, was one of those 25 lucky people who won £1m each on the EuroMillions Raffle on the new year’s day. EuroMillions Balls

Barry is a former carer and his wife Roberta is a hairdresser trainee. Barry spoke about how they found out about the win: “Like most people I am sure, I thought ‘this can’t be right, this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me’. So I woke my wife to get her to check them for me.

“Once Roberta confirmed we’d won, we spent the next six hours going over and over the code to make sure we weren’t mistaken. We wanted to let the children sleep, so we waited until 7am to tell them the news. As soon as the clock hit 8am we called Camelot to verify our ticket.

There couldn’t surely be a better way to start the New Year for the couple. They plan to purchase a bigger television and go on a holiday to spend the money.

A couple have won £1million after an absent-minded friend bought them a EuroMillions ticket instead of the scratchcard they asked for.

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