EuroMillions Winner Plans Dream Holiday in South America


Leslie Campbell, of Dunblane, Stirlingshire, is the newest millionaire who won £1million in a EuroMillions draw that took place in December 11. Leslie’s ticket matched with the winning combination of ZVX850594 and earned him the jackpot. Leslie is a widower and wishes to visit Argentina to spend his new found fortune. He also intends to share some of his money with his son and daughter, Leslie and Lhora.

Leslie said: “I never expect to win anything – if I get one number I think I’m doing well. I thought I better check just in case. When I saw I had the winning combination I got straight on the phone to the National Lottery to make sure.”

Leslie is eager to pursue his passion of travelling and seeing the whole world.

He added: “I’ve always enjoyed travelling. My son lives overseas and has been kind enough to bring me over to visit him, so I hope to repay his kindness. I’ve long had a notion for going to Buenos Aires but a pension doesn’t leave much for extravagances, so that’s a definite on my to-do list. Both of my children will be beneficiaries of the win too – it will be a great Christmas for us.”

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