Follow up Story: Bus Drivers’ Syndicate Wins EuroMillions

A syndicate formed by bus drivers from Corby bagged a jackpot worth £38m in the EuroMillions Lottery last year. There were 12 members of the winning syndicates and all of them were bus drivers with an annual income of £17,000 each. The prize money was split 12 ways that will make it £3,169,553 per person. We were interested in how the money has changed their lives, what they have done with the money and what are they doing now.

It was reported that all of them had quit their jobs after the win. But it is not true-one of them kept his job despite being £3 million richer all of a sudden. Though the families and friends of the winner are keen to protect their privacy, they let us know that some of them have kept their old houses. Though money has taken a burden off their shoulders but it hasn’t changed them. They still do the usual things they used to do before the massive win.


If Corby never had a Millionaires’ Row, it does now. On one of the town’s leafier thoroughfares, where detached houses are set back from the busy road, live two newly minted millionaires.

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A detailed story about their lives after the win.

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