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The Health Lottery Results

The Health Lottery Results—HowardLake (

The Health Lottery is really a new lottery game intended to boost funds for a good cause, which happens to be health. The good cause fund in fact goes to the People’s Health Trust, generally known as the PHT. The PHT. The health lottery scheme manages 51 society lotteries right around Great Britain. Each representing a different region of Wales, Scotland and England.

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For every £1.00 health lottery ticket sold, 20 pence goes to local health good causes . Projects managed by charities such as, dementia UK, CrossRoads, Alzheimer’s Society, Mencap, the Princess Royal Trust for carers and the Youth Sport Trust.

Between October and December 2011 the Health Lottery raised over £6,000,000

To play the Health Lottery all you have to do is get yourself a play card from your retailer and write down 5 lucky numbers on each £1.00 line that you’d like to play.

Your numbers need to be between 1 & 50 but if you are undecided what numbers to pick, you can choose the quick-pick option and a computer will randomly select a line of 5 lucky numbers for you. Hand your pay card back to the retailer who will use it to print your ticket. Keep it safe as you’ll need it to claim your prize if you win.

Winning combinations

Match any 3 drawn numbers on the same line to win £20.00
Match any 4 drawn numbers on the same line to win £250.00
Match any 5 drawn numbers on the same line to win £100.000

Saturday 14th April 2012
Two lottery winners are rejoicing after picking up the 100000 top winning prize in this week’s NHL draw. However, they weren’t really the only people that were smiling since over 12000 other people likewise collected prizes of 500 Health Lottery prizes.

National Health Service Lottery

The NHL has been revamp designed to give funding for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

Health Lottery Results for Saturday 14th April 2012

The Health Lottery results for Saturday 13th April 2012

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  1. on the 21st july there was extra prizes to be do you check this out

  2. on saturday 11/08/2012 i had on my nhs lottery 3 numbers on the same line so thought i had won £50.00p when i went to collected winnings from wh smiths who sold me the ticket it came up that i had only won £20.00p the assistant stated that the nhs lottery had changed their prize payout but i see that on my computor you still state that 3 numbers is still £50.00p is this correct many thanks for your time

  3. What’s the results for Sat 4th May? I can’t find them anywhere.

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