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If you really want to improve your odds of winning the jackpot, you should consider joining a good lottery syndicate as they have been tried and tested!

Furthermore, this is an extremely effective way of playing!

Unfortunately, starting up any kind of lottery syndicate may become very tiresome.

The Lottery Syndicate Agreement

You’ll need to have a full understanding of lottery syndicate rules and obtain a lottery syndicate agreement form as well as a legal contract for all the members, then group together all your friends/colleagues and come to an agreement to pay a set amount either weekly or monthly for the purchase of lottery tickets.

You can download a lottery syndicate agreement form HERE

A syndicate manager will have to be chosen to cover all aspects of the administration. It is also advisable to set up a lottery syndicate spreadsheet for all members to see.

There are many instances where a syndicate is incredibly useful. While many people often dream of winning the big one, retiring and leaving their workplace behind forever, the odds of winning are incredibly small.

So small in fact, the percentage wouldn’t even appear on most calculators today. These chances can be substantially increased however, using a larger group of people. i.e. a lottery syndicate.

By using a larger group of people, the odds can increase dramatically allowing the group a better chance of winning the big one, and by all of them receiving an equal share of the money at the end of the day.

While there are many groups currently run all over the world, it is important to consider the group’s leader and the amount of confidence in that person, to not only organize and run the group, but the amount of trust in the ability to share the winning. The lottery syndicate system run by LoveMyLotto or the Big Fat Lottos will take care of this.

Signing up to a group like this is pretty simple in itself. Firstly, the organizer will ask for details such as the name, address and phone number of all members involved. They will need to provide this information and in some instances will have to sign their name to show they are currently subscribed.

The owner will collect the amount owing from the participant, and will then have a confirmation sheet showing they have entered into the draw.

Once the name has been entered into the pool, the person will either be able to choose their own numbers, or will simply use random numbers. See: random lottery number generator. While some groups allow each person to choose their own numbers, to avoid conflict.

When the entrance period has ended, all members should be given a list of those involved in the draw, and a photocopied list of the ticket numbers. By having a photocopy of the tickets, everyone can check the numbers as they wish, and the list should show they were a part of the initial payment as well.

Should the group win, the members will then receive a payout, divided amongst them. If the payment is a small amount, many groups will keep the winnings in the pot for the next draw, while others will hand them out regardless to avoid confusion. Either way this should be decided prior to winning.

Lottery syndicates are a fantastic way to increase your odds of winning the lottery, while only paying the same initial amount. The payments can be small or large, but by having a group of individuals, this can make for a fantastic victory either way.

Why not make things nice and straight forward for yourself by simply enrolling in a good quality web-based elottery syndicate provider who will deal with the whole process on your behalf and who has all the necessary up-to-date lottery syndicate software needed.

1/ The Love My Lotto SyndicateLove My Lotto Syndicate

Love My Lotto is the world’s first all-inclusive multi-lottery syndicate world system which was released in December 2010 and provides lottery members an exceptional cost efficient and a superior gaming experience.

LoveMyLotto provides you with 3 monthly syndicate re-occurring plans:- Bronze,Silver and Gold. As opposed to signing up for a normal lottery syndicate in which you play a specific lottery game, The LoveMyLotto system automatically includes you in various unique games every week, no matter which syndicate plan you choose.

  • 1 entry in the Tuesday EuroMillions draw
  • 1 entry in the £1m Daily Draw* on Friday
  • 1 entry in the £1m Daily Draw* on Saturday
  • 1 entry in the Friday Euromillions draw
  • 1 entry in the Friday Millionaire raffle
  • 1 entry in the Tuesday Millionaire raffle
  • 2 entries in the Wednesday UK National Lottery Draw
  • 2 entries in the Saturday UK National Lottery draw

In addition to these fantastic advantages, there are also other fantastic reasons to subscribe to a LoveMyLotto syndicate system. One in every four National Lottery jackpots is scooped up as a result of a syndicate (See:

LoveMyLotto offers a maximum of 21 players in each syndicate. This makes sure that any cash that is received has to be shared out between 21 players.

An added benefit is that customer’s who are registered and have decided upon their syndicate, is actually maintained by LoveMyLotto. Upon signing up you will be slotted into the next syndicate.

All Lottery Results including, EuroMillions Results and UK Lotto results are promptly confirmed against your numbers and then, all winnings are uploaded to an individual member’s area for the purpose of withdrawal. It simply can’t get much easier than this!

2/ The Big Fat Lottos Syndicate SystemBig Fat Lottos Syndicate

Secondly, in December 2010 the Big Fat Lottos syndicates system was launched and offers 4 outstanding e-Lottery games and these are the Spanish Syndicate, EuroMillions Syndicate, UK Lottery Syndicate and JackPot PowerPlay.

3/ YouPlayWePlay Syndicate SystemYou Play We Play Syndicate

The YouPlayWePlay syndicate offers its members an excellent product that can really help to boost their prospects of winning the lottery. Worth looking at.



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