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My initial thought when first presented by the idea of joining a lottery syndicate was, it sounds too good to be true: Is there a benefit from joining a syndicate system? Will online syndicates like, Love My Lotto, Big Fat Lottos, WinTrillions or You-Play-We-Play actually work? The fact that, sharing the winnings may seem like a disadvantage, considering the chance of one person winning the jackpot on their own, is really some ridiculously low figure.

As a lottery syndicate member the chances of sharing a jackpot increases considerably for the Euro Millions lottery and also the UK National Lottery. It’s like getting a slice of the Jackpot.

If you divide 21 into a €180 Million rollover jackpot, it is still not far off €9 Million each in the syndicate. The prize is still substantial and the chance of winning it, are dramatically increased!

The interesting by-product of this increase in chance is that there is also a similar increase in a chance of winning the smaller prizes, which means that winning a prize with a lottery syndicate becomes a pretty regular occurrence.

The Love My Lotto Multi syndicate system has been running for a number of years now, and is increasing in popularity daily. It is an ingeniously simple system that significantly increases the chances of winning in both the UK Lotto, and the Euro Millions lottery.

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There is a big difference between the chances of a single lottery player (for example; purchasing from a shop or online from TheLotter) and a member of a lottery syndicate. In the Love My Lotto lottery syndicate system the funds are pooled together and then the winnings are then shared between all members of the syndicate.

The great thing about online syndicate systems is they will also keep their members informed of the entire lottery wins within the syndicate.

They will notify syndicate members by e-mail and pay the shared winnings automatically into the members account. Another great perk of the system is that tickets are bought automatically so, purchasing, losing or collecting the winnings are no longer a hassle. It will not forget, and make no deduction of fees for management (except for foreign currency exchange).

Account status and syndicate winnings can be viewed online at their website’s at any time. It is a well known fact that the UK Lotto & the Euro Millions lotteries tend to build up huge rollover prizes, sometimes in hundreds of Millions and very often syndicates are the winners!

Take for example the Love My Lotto multi syndicate system – As a lottery syndicate member with 21 members in each syndicate, the syndicate share is going to be €128 Million divided by 21, equalling over €8 Million each.  Now, that is a life changing amount!

The Euro Millions is managed by the national lotteries of UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Of course there are people that have won the lottery on their own, and those massive jackpot amounts can never be won individually when playing in a syndicate, but that’s not really the point. The simple fact is there is more of a chance of winning a smaller, but equally life changing amount by playing as part of a lottery syndicate.

The lottery syndicate is also available to residents outside the UK and Europe. However the winnings may not be tax free like in the UK so residents of the participating countries must take these laws into consideration.

Another great way of looking at these syndicate systems is the home business potential. It is an excellent business opportunity that enhances the traditional network marketing idea, as the workload is so much easier. Because the lottery has been so popular over the years the public are accustomed to playing and understanding that the substantial increase of chances to win, really sells itself. There is minimal risk and no need to make any major investment either!


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