Nigerian Citizens Jailed for UK Lotto Scam

Two Nigerian citizens who ripped of a total of £2.7m in  UK lotto scam were jailed Tuesday. Obinnam Nwokolo, 37, who lived in 20 Chesworth Close, Erith, had managed to buy some valuable property in the UK and Nigeria with the scam money. He has received six years and four months sentence. And Uchechhukwu Onuoha, 40, who lived in Aspen Green, Erith, and entered UK on a student visa, received five years and two months sentence.

A total of thirteen victims from all over the world were identified by the police who were each ripped off an average of £207,000 by the duos. They convinced the families that the money was due an Australian lottery pay out, investment benefit, inheritance. They also pretended to sell nonexistent heavy plant machineries.

Last year both of them were pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court for conspiring to defraud between the periods October 1, 2008 to September 15. Betty McClellan, 62, of Hyde Park, Los Angeles who was one of their victims, was shot dead by her husband Hersey McClellan, 63, who committed suicide by shooting himself on June 20, 2010 after Betty wired £264,000 of their hard earned pension to the duos.

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