Postmaster threatened for staying open late for EuroMillions Lottery

Kevin Palmer who is a postmaster at the Grange Post Office, in London Road, Rayleigh, has explained one incident where he was threatened at knife point because of staying open till late for EuroMillions Lottery rollover.

It happened on 18th December, Tuesday. It was past their closing time but they stayed open so that a staff member could sell EuroMillions Lottery tickets when a man wearing a ‘skeleton or evil clown’ mask held them up for £450 cash in the cashbox.

He said: “We’re not normally open at the time of night, we shut 15 minutes before hand. It was only because it was a big lottery jackpot that we stayed open in case commuters needed to buy a ticket on the way home. It’s typical.”

The goon walked in about 6pm and began searching through some magazines. Soon he pulled down his mask and threatened the cashier with a knife to open the cashbox.

Mr. Palmer said: “She shouted out my name and I came running down to the front and saw the guy had a mask on and a knife. “ He shouted ‘Move away from the till’ and ‘give us the effing money’. We said take whatever you want.”

Mr. Palmer couldn’t reach their phone so he ran out of the office to the nearby grocery shop and dialed 999. No one was injured and the robber only robbed the till and didn’t take any money from the post office.

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