Spanish Lottery Syndicate

Spanish Lottery Syndicate and Big Fat Lottos

Big Fat Lottos also has the Spanish Lottery Syndicate that offers participants globally a much greater chance of sharing in this enormous Spanish Lottery Superdraw prize fund.

Is this the first time you’ve come across the Spanish Lottery?

If this is the first time you have come across the Spanish Lottery, let me highlight just how crucial this Lottery is to the vast majority of the Spanish population. The Spanish lottery has been a national obsession in Spain for a long time with massive appeal generated by the Christmas draw every year. Believe it or not, 98% of the population play this Spanish National lottery every Christmas.

Spanish El Gordo Lottery Syndicate

There are a few fundamental reasons why so many Spanish nationals join in the Christmas el gordo Spanish lottery draw. Firstly, there is the incentive of the largest lottery prize fund of any global Lottery – 2.20 Billion Euros! Secondly, there are more than 13,000 cash prizes on offer. Finally, the probability of collecting a cash prize in the Christmas draw are a very generous 1 in 6.

With the amount of attention that is paid to the Christmas Spanish Lottery (El Gordo), a lot of people are unaware that there are 5 additional El Gordo draws every year also. These draws take place in January, March, May, July and November. While these five draws do not boast the incredible prize fund of the Christmas game, they are considerable nonetheless, ranging from 78 million Euros to 655 million Euros. In addition, these draws offer roughly three times as many prizes as the Christmas draw and odds of collecting a cash prize of an amazing 1 in 3.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery operates differently to nearly all other lotteries in the world. A complete ticket ‘billete’ is very expensive, costing 200 Euros. However, these tickets are split up into ten ‘decimos’ (tenths) costing 20 Euros each. When purchasing your tickets you have the option of purchasing a single decimo, a complete ticket, or a share of a ticket. If you do not purchase the whole ticket, somebody else will buy the rest of your ticket. For example, if you purchase two decimos, someone else purchases three and someone else buys five decimos and your ticket scoops 1000 Euros, then you will collect 200 Euros, 300 Euros and 500 Euros respectively. Due to the expense of purchasing a whole ticket, it is typical for families and friends to pool their lottery money and each individual buy a single ‘decimo’ (tenth).

The possibility of winning with a Spanish Lottery syndicate is higher than most other lotteries

The probability of winning a cash prize in the Spanish Lottery is higher than most other lotteries, but if you opt to play as a member of one of Big Fat Lottos Spanish Syndicates you will increase your chances of sharing cash prizes in every draw.

Come and discover the full benefits of playing the Spanish Lottery as a Big Fat Lottos member and revel in the excitement of this colossal Spanish National lottery.

Join the Spanish Lottery Syndicate today!

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