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Playing in the Italian Superenalotto Syndicate with Big Fat Lotteries

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The actual SuperEnalotto is considered to be Italy’s largest lotto with a record lotto jackpot of €177.8 Million. To secure the lottery jackpot, participants are required to match their chosen six primary numbers from 1-90.

Still, there are also many other prizes available for matching three, four and five lotto numbers, or 5 numbers in addition to the “Jolly Number”.

Here is your opportunity to engage in this amazing lottery game by becoming a member of a BigFatLotteries syndicate.

BigFatLotteries make it easy for everyone to participate and WIN!

Have fun playing in the Superenalotto with BFL and share eighty five entries in every lotto draw.

Simply select the syndicate that you want to take part in.

Every one of your syndicate entries are electronically checked alongside the official results.

Winnings are deposited into your web-based e-wallet.

You will be systematically inserted into every single draw that happens 3 times per week on Wednesday, Saturday and Tuesday.

The actual Facts Regarding the SuperEnalotto syndicate

Participating in the Superenalotto with Big Fat Lotteries is straightforward, enjoyable, and hassle-free.
You participate in a syndicate of 85 individuals which share eighty five lines in each Italian Superenalotto lottery draw.
Each BFL syndicate is GUARANTEED to match up at least one principal lottery number in each and every lottery draw, meaning that you only have to match 2 other numbers to win a cash prize.

Following the draw your Italian Superenalotto syndicate lines are electronically verified against the official results.
WINNINGS – 100% of YOUR lotto winnings are placed into your online e-wallet immediately – No deductions are made.


SuperEnalotto really is a big ‘match 6 from 90′ lottery draw that provides large jackpots 3 times every week!
Together with a an incredible jackpot of €177,800,000 the actual Superenalotto jackpots often go beyond €100 Million.

Italy’s most common lotto game is now open to you thanks to Big Fat Lotteries.
There exists no limit on the amount of rollovers, so there isn’t any cap on how large the jackpots may get!
SuperEnalotto is similar to the UK National lotto. There are six main numbers chosen at random in addition to one ‘Bonus ball’ called the ‘Jolly Number’.

Sign up to a Superenalotto syndicate with Big Fat Lotteries immediately and take advantage of the incredible benefits on offer.
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