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Week in week out, millions of us look forward to the moment when we sit down and check the UK Lotto results. No matter what we are doing, no matter where we might be, we forget about everything else and focus on the only thing that matters to us – the seven numbered balls that are about to emerge from the official UK Lotto prize machine.

No matter who we are and what our circumstances in life, as the numbers begin to emerge, we all go through the same mix of emotions. The appearance of the first ball sets the mood. If it matches one of the numbers on our ticket, our sense of anticipation rises. If the second, third, fourth – and who knows? – the fifth match as well, the sense of excitement will already be building. If we see that we have all six numbers generated by the machine – or even five and a matching bonus ball – the reality will begin to sink in. We have hit the jackpot and our lives will no longer be the same.

Our reactions at this point will differ, naturally. Some will simply sit there stunned, unable to comprehend what has happened. Others will already begin spending their winnings, planning Caribbean holidays and spectacular new homes. This is, of course, the magic of the lottery. It is why millions of people love playing the game so much.

Of course, everyone has their preferred way of checking the UK Lotto results. For millions of us, the dedicated television programmes shown on BBC TV each week are the only way to check the National Lottery numbers. Watching the entertaining shows is part of the weekly ritual. It is unmissable.

For many of us, however, the television show might not be convenient. We may be out socialising, working – or watching something else on the screen. So we use a range of alternative methods for checking the UK Lotto results. Some of us, for instance, use the interactive ‘red button’ services that are built into their televisions and often list the winning numbers within minutes of them having been drawn. Others, of course, turn to the newspapers. Most of the UK’s national newspapers carry the winning numbers in the National Lottery and it’s easy to skim the pages to find the all-important numbers.

For many of us, of course, the internet is now the preferred method for checking the National Lottery results. The web is filled with sites – some official and some unofficial. And of course today, with a bewildering range of smartphones and tablet devices ensuring that we are all online at all times, it’s never been easier to find out whether you have been successful by checking the UK Lotto results.

UK Lotto Christmas Stories.

We expect the very best advice if we won that amount of money on the UK Lotto. I’m sure if the Queen had any such bad advice Coutts & co would soon respond ASAP. We don’t all live in the high finance world so to say these were “vulnerable people” is a fair assessment to me.

Lotto couple who won £1million want compensation from Queen’s bank after ‘wrong advice’ left them with just £10k-a-year to live on…More at Coutts & Co: Lotto couple who won £1million want compensation from Queen’s … – Daily Mail

I hope they get their just rewards, lets face it £1000,000 to any bank is just loose change!

Someone in that part of lovely Wales is walking about, completely oblivious that this Christmas is probably going to be the best ever. Lest hope they find out before the 25th.

The search is now on to find the owner of the winning ticket, bought in Carmarthenshire, who matched five numbers and the bonus ball in the Lotto draw on Saturday 1 December 2012…Read more at Could you be £173,557 Lotto winner

I love stories like this because someone is in for a lovely surprise. I just hope if it was me I’d find out on Christmas morning.

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